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An Australian inheritance tax makes perfect sense, says Thomas Piketty.

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Dylan awarded Nobel Prize 13 Oct 2016
How does it feel to be ... a Nobel laureate in literature!
Robert De Niro on Donald Trump 11 Oct 2016
What does he really think?
Splitting image 6 Oct 2016
Inside the great Labor Split, by Arthur Gietzelt.
A lot we can learn 19 Sep 2016
Joseph Stiglitz speaks with Richard Eskow about his new book.
Saving capitalism 18 Sep 2016
Rolling Stone interviews Robert Reich (plus Paul Krugman's review).
Piketty in Australia 24 Aug 2016
Thomas Piketty, will be speaking in Sydney on 23 October and in Melbourne on 28 October.
Trump this! 12 Aug 2016
For the first time, surely, Chomsky is on a 'unity ticket' with the CIA!


The case for openness 22 Sep 2016
The coin's other side, by Chris Bowen.
Evatt’s international legacy 12 Sep 2016
Andrew Mack imagines a more independent foreign policy.
How to improve health 1 Sep 2016
Reduce inequality, says Fran Baum.
Do class & wealth affect health? 1 Sep 2016
Sharon Friel tells the story.
An Australian of the wider world 15 Aug 2016
Jake Lynch remembers Peter King: 1936-2016.
Jobs and growth: Turnbull's mirage 28 Jun 2016
Nine reasons why the so-called 'plan' is a hoax, by Frank Stilwell.
The Wealth of the Nation 27 Jun 2016
Read the overview of the new Evatt  report: The Wealth of the Nation.