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The French political economist, Thomas Piketty, will be speaking in Sydney on 23 October and in Melbourne on 28 October.

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Trump this! 12 Aug 2016
For the first time, surely, Chomsky is on a 'unity ticket' with the CIA!
America's choice 30 Jul 2016
Robert Borosage distill's Clinton's agenda.
Obama's oration 29 Jul 2016
The president takes a long view.
The Big Dawg still can howl 28 Jul 2016
He's still at the top of his craft, observes Robert Borosage.
It's all about fearness 27 Jul 2016
David Rees cartoons Melania.
Proud to stand with her 27 Jul 2016
Bernie Sanders' speech.
Chomsky on the choice 26 Jul 2016
It's not just about you, Chomsky reminds the disenchanted.


An Australian of the wider world 15 Aug 2016
Jake Lynch remembers Peter King: 1936-2016.
Jobs and growth: Turnbull's mirage 28 Jun 2016
Nine reasons why the so-called 'plan' is a hoax, by Frank Stilwell.
The Wealth of the Nation 27 Jun 2016
Read the overview of the new Evatt  report: The Wealth of the Nation.
The Australia Labor believes in 5 May 2016
It's not 'class war' to speak up on behalf of the forgotten and betrayed, says Bill Shorten.
From the Paris climate talks 9 Feb 2016
Lesley Hughes reports back.
Peace, anti-nukes & Tom Uren 26 Jan 2016
Reflections on the Tom Uren Memorial Fund.
Not just polar bears: climate change as a social justice issue 12 Nov 2015
Refresh on why climate change matters, by Lesley Hughes.