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We must do more than protect religion, insists John Menadue.

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Keating & his caucus 16 Feb 2018
Jim Snow recalls the party room during Paul Keating's government.
Missing: $13.4bn in tax 15 Feb 2018
Hundreds of corporations pay no tax, reports Emma Alberici.
Parasitic health funds 14 Feb 2018
Private health insurance is a con job, says Ross Gittins.
The cutting edge of inequality 14 Dec 2017
Christopher Sheil has a quick look at the most rigorous report ever.
Why not protect all our rights? 12 Dec 2017
Elizabeth Evatt reflects on religious freedom and same-sex marriage.
What use the Nobel? 11 Dec 2017
Tim Wright hopes the prize will compel Australia to rethink its stance.
Amazon's IR 5 Dec 2017
Sarah Kaine and Emmanuel Josserand consider the implications.


How to deal with the past? 16 Feb 2018
Danielle Celermajer looks into the meaning of national apologies.
The compassionate city 16 Feb 2018
We shape our cities, and our cities shape us, says Jenny Donovan.
The 1917 General Strike 16 Dec 2017
Lucy Taksa draws out 1917's lessons for today.
Universal basic income? 5 Dec 2017
The fight is there to be won, concludes Tim Dunlop.
The paradise papers & the top 1% 9 Nov 2017
Are we at French Revolution levels of inequality and injustice yet?
Prophets & profits 21 Sep 2017
How the Pilbara reverberated across Australia, by Bradon Ellem.
Born to be wild 21 Sep 2017
Typecasting generations is nonsense, says John Quiggin.