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The Wealth of the Nation

New report: The Wealth of the Nation

The Top 10% now own half Australia's wealth, reports Evatt.

The Wealth of the Nation

Current data on the distribution of wealth in Australia

Read the overview of the new Evatt  report on wealth inequality.

The Big Pictures

Yola Lucire and Peter Parry on the pharmaceutical industry & Generation RX.

The distribution of wealth in Australia

The latest figures confirm the trends to inequality, explain Frank Stilwell and David Primrose.

Suggested citation
Primrose, Frank Stilwell & David, 'The distribution of wealth in Australia', Evatt Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4, November 2009., <>

The unfair go

Frank Stilwell and David Primrose pour over new data that confirms growing inequality in Australia.

Banks must be kept in check

The government should reject Westpac's bid to takeover St George, argues Evan Jones.

Should Westpac be permitted to gobble up St George?

No, says Evan Jones.

Jessie Street & human rights

Elizabeth Evatt reflects.

Fighting inflation with interest rates

Does the anti-inflation policy make sense, asks Harold Levien.

Economic inequality in Australia

It is a cause for deep concern, explains Frank Stilwell.

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