The Evatt Journal

27 September 2017
It's time for renewal.
17 July 2017
Welcome to the July 2017 issue of the Evatt Journal.
4 April 2017
Welcome to the April 2017 issue of the Evatt Journal.
23 February 2017
Welcome to a jumbo first issue of the Evatt Journal for 2017.
21 December 2016
With best wishes for the season to all our readers, we report on the AGM and offer some holiday reading and reflections.
24 November 2016
AGM, the US election, news on inequality, Naomi Klein, Leonard Cohen, and more.
8 November 2016
Inheritance tax, Piketty in Sydney, Hillary in America.
11 October 2016
Andrew Mack & Arthur Gietzelt on the Doc, Chris Bowen, Saving Capitalism, health, & more.
24 August 2016
Piketty special: reviews, research, opinion, and more.
1 August 2016
US election special: Hillary, Bill, Obama, Sanders, Chomsky, and more.