The Evatt Journal

12 July 2013
John Ralston Saul on stimulus & austerity; New Evatt report on productivity; Carmen Lawrence on Gonski; Sweden, plus more.  
7 August 2012
2012 Evatt lecture by John Faulkner; Doug Cameron on the Productivity Commission; Women & the UN; plus more.  
1 December 2011
2011 Evatt lecture by George Williams; Fukishima; reviving the strike; occuping Wall Street; refugees; public debt; plus more.
20 December 2009
Thomas Paine's vision of growing old by John Keane; republishing the Tolpuddle Martyrs; the revival of WorkChoices.  
9 December 2009
New Evatt Book: The Tolpuddle Martyrs with a new introduction by Geoffrey Robertson; the pharmaceutical industry, and more.  
9 November 2009
Human rights for Australia? James Hardie; life & death of democracy; distribution of wealth; economic crisis. 
8 June 2009
APEC; Gareth Evans discusses disarmament; health reform; ACTU Congress; human rights; democracy; and more.
8 April 2009
Quentin Bryce on women in Africa; Geoffrey Robertson on rights; the Great Recession; modern art, and much more.  
9 March 2009
The Doc by Michael Kirby; the charter of rights by Michael McHugh; the financial & economic crisis by Frank Stilwell; and much more.  
9 December 2008
2008 Evatt lecture by Robert McCelland; New Evatt book: Moving in the Open Daylight by Ashley Hogan, plus more.