The Evatt Journal

26 January 2004
WMD in Iraq; The state of the states; Anne Summers on the end of equality; PPPs; Mary Alice Evatt; democracy; and more.
19 December 2003
Best wishes for the season to all our members and readers.
29 September 2003
Saving America by Shadia Drury; the American era by Paul Keating; Vale Edward Said & Jim Cairns; The history wars; White slaves & White Australia; the ALP; Stupid white men; Medicare; work/life; plus more. 
23 September 2003
The work/life collision; Michael Kirby on Mary Alice Evatt; Aboriginal history; Stuart Hall on 'New Labour'; the media & blogging; egalitarianism; plus union directions, the war, fundamentalism, the global economy, and more.
26 June 2003
International society & the neo-cons; Tim Dunlop on blogging; Stuart Macintyre on Keith Windshuttle; Michael Pusey on 20 years of economic rationalism; global jobs; plus the budget, PPPs, and more.    
7 May 2003
War & peace by Noam Chomsky, Paul McGeough, George Monbiot & Phillip Knightley; the world economy by Robert Brenner; plus global governance; egalitarianism; welfare; free trade, PPPs; and more.   
1 March 2003
On the eve of war: Nelson Mandela, Immanuel Wallerstein, Tariq Ali, Naomi Klein & Emmylou Harris; on journalism: Phillip Knightley, Chris Masters, Richard Ackland  & John Pilger; plus privatisation and more.
29 January 2003
The coming war; Europe vs the US; Ireland; 'fabricating' history; Robert Manne on the Tampa; Frank Stilwell on 50 years of JAPE; labour history; public debt; Bob Dylan; PPPs; plus more.  
18 December 2002
War with Iraq; George Orwell; Martha Nussbaum on John Rawls; Bob Hawke salutes the ACTU; public debt; privatisation; Tom Uren; Bob Ellis; President's report and the year in review; plus more.  
14 November 2002
Public debt; the history of Iraq; Carmen Lawrence on what women want; Lionel Orchard on democracy; postmodernism; Steve Earle's Jerusalem; Al Gore; PPPs; the GATS; children overboard; plus more.