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Festival of ideas: dialogue on democracy! 5 Nov 2008
Evatt Festival of Ideas - Launceston
Robert McClelland on human rights 3 Nov 2008
The Evatt Annual Lecture.
The crisis of US hegemony 10 Oct 2008
Walden Bello looks into the future of the Asia Pacific region.
The world outlook 27 Aug 2008
Paul Keating's address to the Melbourne Writers' Festival.
Mentor: activist stories on film: project opportunity 26 Aug 2008
Ever wanted to learn about film making and be mentored in the process?
Mocking the rule of law 25 Aug 2008
Time's up for the ABCC says George Williams.
Jessie Street & human rights 6 Jun 2008
Elizabeth Evatt reflects.
Fighting inflation with interest rates 4 Jun 2008
Does the anti-inflation policy make sense, asks Harold Levien.
The financial crisis 1 Jun 2008
Evatt function with Steve Keen.
Hillary's losing hand 25 Feb 2008
Anne Summers looks over the Democratic primary.
Never more timely 20 Feb 2008
Richard Flanagan reviews James Boyce's Van Diemen's Land.
The apology to Australia's Indigenous peoples 14 Feb 2008
Kevin Rudd's landmark speech to the nation.
Making APEC 5 Sep 2007
Paul Keating recounts the origins and potential of the APEC leaders' meeting.
Economic inequality in Australia 2 Sep 2007
It is a cause for deep concern, explains Frank Stilwell.
Special events notice 22 Aug 2007
APEC & its Pan Pacific Template
Linda Weiss & co-authors 20 Aug 2007
Evatt Sunset Seminar on national insecurity.
Paul Keating, not the musical, on APEC, in Sydney 27 Jul 2007
The Evatt Foundation proudly presents the Hon. Paul J. Keating.
Lobbying & democracy 12 Jul 2007
Evatt sunset seminar with John Keane.
We should reject this approach 22 Jun 2007
Elizabeth Evatt addresses Reconciliation.
We still have this divide 28 May 2007
Marcia Langton appeals for evidence, not showing off on the run.
Federalism, in the long run 12 May 2007
We should spend a decade getting it right, argues George Williams.
Wanted: best practice federalism 5 May 2007
Federalism is fashionable, explain Anne Twomey & Glenn Withers.
Has time come to end the 'blame game'? 26 Apr 2007
Editorial on federalism.
China moves on rights at work 23 Apr 2007
China may be about to go past Australia, reports Chris White.