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Not just polar bears: climate change as a social justice issue 12 November 2015
Refresh on why climate change matters, by Lesley Hughes.
Nuclear energy & greenhouse 17 April 2006
Is nuclear energy a possible solution to the greenhouse problem?
Nuclear non-proliferation & disarmament 19 June 2009
Gareth Evans outlines the objectives in Chile.
Nuclear power & public health 8 March 2011
Peter Karamoskos reprises the health risks in nuclear power.
Nuclear weapons in a time of universal deceit 21 February 2017
Telling the truth is a revolutionary act, says Melissa Parke.
On 'fabricating' history 22 June 2003
Stuart Macintyre disciplines Keith Windschuttle.
On the waterfront 2 January 2002
Four years after the MUA settled with Patrick, Stephen Long reports on working conditions, Stuart Macintyre recalls the dispute and Christopher Sheil reflects on our own War on the wharves.
One hundred years of arbitration 7 February 2005
Stuart Macintyre reflects on Australia's arbitration system.
One last time along the Hungry Mile 24 June 2003
Tas Bull dedicated his life to those struggling for social justice, sums Rowan Cahill.
Organising China's Wal-Mart 21 April 2007
Chris White finds reason for optimism in China.
Out of the rubble 28 April 2003
Paul McGeough's final report from Baghdad.
Patrick Troy looks into water's future 2 January 2002
Patrick Troy looks deeply into the future of our water in the summer 2001-2002 issue of Dissent. 
Peace building in West Papua 3 November 2004
Michela Noonan reports on the West Papua Project.
Peace, anti-nukes & Tom Uren 26 January 2016
Reflections on the Tom Uren Memorial Fund.
Piketty v. Marx 8 June 2014
Piketty's vector points toward distribution, Marx's toward production, explains Russell Jacoby.
Politics & the English language 2 October 2002
The times dictate republishing this classic essay.
Postmodernism 3 October 2002
Who's winning modernity's cultural war?
Poverty & national security 16 April 2004
Is national security possible without real action to eliminate poverty ?
Power politics 11 March 2003
New book calls for royal commission into SA power, outlines John Spoehr.
PPPs fail the test in UK schools 12 June 2004
Contracts can't meet complex needs, reports Duncan O'Leary.
PPPs in South Australia 7 November 2002
It's the third wave of privatisation, says John Spoehr.
PPPs: A policy in search of a rationale? 29 May 2002
The justification for using private finance for social infrastructure is a sleight of hand, argue Allyson Pollock and her colleagues.
President-Elect Donald Trump 10 November 2016
Elizabeth Warren: the sun will keep rising, and we will keep fighting .
Privatisation, politics & PPPs 26 October 2005
Christopher Sheil reality checks public-private partnerships.
Productivity in question 28 June 2013
Frank Stilwell critiques the productivity debate.