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Financing international development 12 February 2002
 John Langmore details the significance of the first International Conference on Financing Development to be held in Mexico this March.
Managing the new social risks 1 February 2002
Deborah Mitchell on welfare, from Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press).
Relaxed & dumbing down 26 January 2002
If we truly wanted to stem the flow of asylum seekers, says Elizabeth Evatt in this article, should we not think globally? 
"Temper democratic: Bias Australian" 19 January 2002
Stuart Macintyre finds a Labor Party that needs less orthodoxy, more improvisation and a democratic temper.
On the waterfront 2 January 2002
Four years after the MUA settled with Patrick, Stephen Long reports on working conditions, Stuart Macintyre recalls the dispute and Christopher Sheil reflects on our own War on the wharves.
Patrick Troy looks into water's future 2 January 2002
Patrick Troy looks deeply into the future of our water in the summer 2001-2002 issue of Dissent. 
My better nature 2 January 2002
We are often moved by motives other than self-interest, explains Peter Singer.
The boundaryless cluster 13 December 2001
Roy Green and his colleagues report on the evolution of Ireland's information and communications technology sector.
States of mind: Australia & New Zealand 29 November 2001
Stuart Macintyre on federation and the centenary of federation in Australia and New Zealand, and unfinished business. Meanwhile, Phil Somerville finds he's moderately fond of Australia.
The shrinking society 16 November 2001
Now that the moral majority is in power, observes Ghassan Hage, it has been shown to be clearly less moral than it initially claimed.
Globalisation & democracy 1 November 2001
John Ralston Saul's 1999 Sydney lecture.