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What’s at stake

... for help. About 40 per cent of the workforce are in various forms of insecure work, as casuals, or in labour hire, or on sham contracts.Not ... one of the first things he would do if elected would be to order a Productivity Commission inquiry into the Fair Work Act. The Business ...

admin - 7 Sep 2014

2001: Annus Horribilis

... Coping with these multiple challenges is a tall order. It requires each of us to recognise our multiple roles - as citizens, as ... environment, for example. It requires us to consider what forms of collective organisation and action are conducive to the most ...

admin - 16 Sep 2014

The Iraq war

... Seoul. With any remnants of some functioning system of world order torn to shreds, the Bush administration is instructing the world that ... consequence is proliferation of WMD and terror, in various forms, based on fear and loathing for the US administration, which was regarded ...

admin - 23 Sep 2014

Why manufacturing matters

... in plant, equipment and factories is more likely than other forms of investment to be influenced by the level of economic growth and the ... are several other issues that government can address in order to encourage high growth manufacturing. Clusters Manufacturing ...

admin - 19 Sep 2014