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Thomas Piketty sees a way to equality, the circular economy and participatory socialism.

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How to be a successful leader 17 Oct 2019
The top 10 attributes of good political leaders, according to Gareth Evans. 
President's report 2019 16 Oct 2019
Evatt's year in review.
The White House knows it’s losing 11 Oct 2019
The scorched-earth letter masks self-inflicted defeats, writes Matt Ford.
'Louts, thugs, bullies.' 11 Oct 2019
Anthony Forsyth distils the myth driving Morrison's anti-unionism.
Bruce Childs & Gramsci? 8 Oct 2019
Bruce Childs is unmatched, says Christopher Sheil on Evatt's 40th.
Trump & Morrison 2 Oct 2019
The PM lands on the sticky paper, observes Michelle Grattan.
Welcome to 'Stupid Watergate' 29 Sep 2019
Why is this episode different, asks Dahlia Lithwick.


Bruce Childs & 40 years of the Evatt Foundation 5 Oct 2019
Tanya Plibersek pays tribute to two Australian heroes.
The continuing redistribution of Australia’s wealth, upwards 11 Aug 2019
We need a clearer view of inequality.
Remembering the UDHR at its 70th Anniversary 20 Jul 2019
Elizabeth Evatt on the UDHR.
Wealth inequality in Australia: 2012 to the present 17 May 2019
Australia's wealth continues to concentrate at the top.
The political economy of inequality 14 May 2019
The choice is clear, says Frank Stilwell in discussing his new book.
Systematically corrupt capitalism 2 Nov 2018
Evan Jones brings perspective to Australia's finance industry.