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It's official, says Gillian Triggs, Australians don't have freedom of speech. 

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Four in five injured or ill due to work 14 Aug 2019
The ACTU shines a light on our dangerous workplaces.   
Iran: the risks are many 13 Aug 2019
Does the Morrison government have a plan? 
Why you're feeling no better off than 10 years ago 13 Aug 2019
HILDA finds little improvement since 2009, reports Peter Martin.
Vale Bob Hawke: 1929 - 2019 17 May 2019
Bob Hawke was key to the establishment of the Evatt Foundation.
Start in the labour market 2 Nov 2018
Yes, to tackle inequality we must change the rules, says Jim Stanford.
The fading fair go 2 Nov 2018
Is the fair go gone forever? Garry Barrett and Stephen Whelan find hope.
Tackling inequality 11 Oct 2018
John Graham introduces the publication of the 2017 Evatt NSW Parliament Lecture.


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The continuing redistribution of Australia’s wealth, upwards 11 Aug 2019
Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell want a clearer view of inequality.
Remembering the UDHR at its 70th Anniversary 20 Jul 2019
Elizabeth Evatt introduces the 70th anniversary of the UDHR.
From good international citizen to pariah? The decline of human rights protection in Australia 11 Jul 2019
The landmark address by Gillian Triggs on the 70th anniversary of the UDHR.
Wealth inequality in Australia: 2012 to the present 17 May 2019
Australia's wealth continues to concentrate at the top, show Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell.
The political economy of inequality 14 May 2019
The choice is clear, says Frank Stilwell in discussing his new book on inequality.
Systematically corrupt capitalism 2 Nov 2018
Evan Jones brings perspective to Australia's finance industry.
Dental care: the problem and the solution 31 Oct 2018
We can fix Australia's dental health, argues John Menadue.