40 Years 1979-2019: Evatt Foundation 28 September 2019
Commemorative boooklet on 40th anniversary of the Evatt Foundation.
Eleanor & Mary Alice 3 September 2019
The text of the play about Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Alice Evatt, freedom, equality and social justice.
H V Evatt NSW Parliament Lecture 11 October 2018
The text and papers related to the inaugural 2017 H. V. Evatt NSW Parliament House Lecture, on the subject of 'Tackling Inequality'.
Splitting image 15 December 2016
The landmark 1954-55 Labor Party split is re-examined in Arthur Gietzelt's posthumously published account.
The Wealth of the Nation 10 October 2016
Evatt's new report on wealth inequality.
Evatt Q&A on productivity 19 September 2014
The essential questions about productivity answered in nutshells.
Zombie economics, by John Quiggin 12 July 2013
In the graveyard of economic ideology, dead ideas still stalk the land.
After Words by Paul Keating 7 August 2012
The post-prime ministerial speeches signed by the author.
The Tolpuddle Martyrs, by H. V. Evatt 10 February 2011
Injustice within the law: a new edition with a new introduction.
The state of industrial relations 20 July 2010
From Evatt's publication on the transition from WorkChoices.
What about collective bargaining? 27 June 2010
From Evatt's publication on WorkChoices.
A magic book 15 December 2009
The editor of the new edition explains the background.
Who gets what? 1 June 2009
Who is rich and who in Australia lives in poverty -- and why?
Moving in the open daylight, by Ashley Hogan 11 April 2009
Ashley Hogan's speech at the book launch.
Globalisation 27 March 2009
The reprint can be purchased securely online.  
It never has been easy 1 February 2009
Lionel Orchard on democracy, from Globalisation: Australian Impacts.
In the tradition of pragmatic idealism 11 December 2008
John Faulkner launches Moving in the Open Daylight; Doc Evatt, an Australian at the United Nations.
Doc Evatt, an Australian at the UN 10 December 2008
The Australian who led the fight for human rights.
The first casualty 4 August 2007
The revised edition of the classic work on war, lies, lying and liars.
The state of the states 2006 9 November 2006
The public sector, fiscal policy, health care & local government.
Five special essays 23 November 2005
The introduction to The state of the states 2005.
The state of the states 2005 14 November 2005
Background briefing on the The state of the states 2005.
Prisons as progressive punishment? 8 August 2005
Mark Findlay on corrective services, from The state of the states 2004. 
The fall and rise of the global economy 1 May 2002
John Quiggin on financial markets from Globalisation: Australian Impacts.
War on the wharves 25 August 2000
The Easter 1998 waterfront dispute shook Australia to its foundations.