H V Evatt NSW Parliament Lecture

Tackling Inequality
John Graham

This publication marks the first in an annual lecture series run by the Evatt Foundation at the NSW Parliament.

The booklet features an introduction by John Graham and the text of the two addresses:

  • Inequality, by Jo Schofield
  • Two-speed economy or divided nation? by Frank Stilwell

It also includes 'A brief note on the staistics for measuring inequality', by Christopher Sheil.

About the contributors:

  • John Graham, MLC, is Vice President of the Evatt Foundation, the host of the H. V. Evatt NSW Parliament House Lecture, and editor.
  • Jo Schofield is the National Secretary of United Voice
  • Frank Stilwell is Professor Emeritus of political economy at the University of Sydney and Vice President of the Evatt Foundation
  • Christopher Sheil is Senior Research Fellow in history at the University of New South Wales and President of the Evatt Foundation

Title: Graham, John (ed.) (2018), H V Evatt NSW Parliament Lecture: Tackling Inequality, Sydney: Evatt Foundation, paper: RRP: $9.95, 27pp

Read the Introduction by John Graham

The booklet is available from the Evatt Foundation in pdf version:

PDF: $9.95

ISBN  978-0-9953752-3-9 PDF

For print copies, please inquire at the office of John Graham, MLC, phone; (02) 9230 2430 or email john.graham@parliament.nsw.gov.au