The state of the states 2005

Background Information

What is The state of the states?

The state of the states is a series of publications on the performance and policies of Australia's state governments. Every year since 1994 a State Government League Table has been published, in conjunction with substantive analyses of state government polices. In addition to the League Table, this volume includes five chapters with substantive analyses of the 'State of industrial relations' by distinguished authorities in this field.

What is the State Government League Table?

The State Government League Table ranks the State governments according to 15 social, environmental, and economic indicators. The idea is to assess the comparative performance of the governments in achieving the perfect balance: excellent social services, strong environmental protection and buoyant job-generating economic activity. Comparisons are based on data from the Commonwealth Grants Commission (9 indicators), the Australian Bureau of Statistics (6 indicators). The League Table results are analysed in the body of the report.

What are the key indicators?


  • health
  • education
  • welfare
  • transport
  • safety


  • national parks and wildlife
  • culture and recreation
  • sanitation and environment
  • environmentally friendly products (availability)
  • water conservation (prevalance of practices)


  • industry assistance
  • capital investment
  • full-time jobs
  • total jobs
  • production

Who produces the League Table?

The League Table is produced by the Evatt Foundation, which is located at the University of NSW. The Evatt Foundation is the think tank of the Australian labour movement. It was founded in 1979 and named in honour of Dr Herbert Vere Evatt, one of the Australian labour movement's greatest statesmen. The Foundation is an independent research organisation. It is not affiliated with any political party

How do I get a copy of the full report?

The state of the states 2005 report (108 pages) is available from the Evatt Foundation for $24.95. ISSN 1443 9819.

You can only get the detailed descriptions, analysis and commentary on the results, as well as the additional policy chapters by purchasing the full report. Limited back issues of The state of the states are also available.

You can purchase The state of the states 2005 securely online

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