Who gets what?

Analysing economic inequality in Australia
Frank Stilwell & Kirrily Jordan

This book addresses important contemporary concerns about social justice. It presents detailed economic evidence, but analyses it in a manner that is engaging and readily accessible to the non-specialist reader. Who Gets What? examines what has been happening to incomes and wealth in Australia, what causes increased economic inequality, and the possibility of creating a more egalitarian society. It looks at who is rich, which social groups are still in poverty, and the policies that could redistribute income and wealth more effectively.

This is the most thorough and up-to-date account of the distribution of wealth in Australia. Written by Australia's leading expert on the economics and politics of inequality, it carefully examines the factors that underpin the recent trend towards inequality, and considers how this trend might be reversed

'Too often social inequality studies give only passing attention to concentrations of wealth and economic privilege and its social impacts. In Who Gets What? Stilwell and Jordan provide a critical perspective on wealth as the font of poverty. Their focus on relations of inequality does not allow the wealthy to flee from the scene of economic disadvantage or to hide behind neo-liberal notions of material well-being as a social marker of ability or merit. Using an institutional analysis framework, based primarily on national and international quantitative data and secondary sources, Stilwell and Jordan provide an important contribution to Australian political economy. Aimed at an undergraduate or general readership, Who Gets What? is a valuable one-stop source of empirical evidence, with accessible and concise analysis of economic inequality in Australia.'

- Helen Masterman-Smith, Labour History.

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DATE PUBLISHED: September 2007

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9780521700320

LENGTH: 278 pages

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