Is the Evatt Foundation part of the trade union movement?

The Evatt Foundation isn't directly affiliated with any trade union ... read more:

Many of our members are members of trade unions, and many trade unions are members of the Evatt Foundation, but we're not formally tied. We have members who aren't members of trade unions, there are trade unions who aren't members of the Evatt Foundation, and we have members who don't tell us whether they're members of a trade union. The Evatt Foundation strongly supports trade unionism. It's in the interests of all workers to be members of their trade union. If you're not a member of your trade union, we'd urge you to remedy that status as soon as possible, but we don't discriminate against individuals on the basis of trade union membership. The Evatt Foundation stands for the highest ideals of the labour movement, but technically we're an independent body, consistent with our Statement of Purpose.