Members' Drinks

Event Date: 
15 August 2017
Event Location: 
RC Mills Building room 148, University of Sydney
Event Time: 
6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Event Cost: 

Are you a new member of the Evatt Foundation? Or are you one of our longstanding members? Or would you like to become a member, or a more active member?

If so, you are warmly invited to our first annual members' drinks event on Tuesday evening, 15 August, at the University of Sydney. Come along to meet and talk informally with our executive members about Evatt, inequality, human rights, social justice and more, and about your own ideas on what Evatt should be doing, or what you would like to do for, on behalf of, or in conjunction with Evatt. The Evatt Foundation has always relied on the loyal support of its members and we would like to work harder on the relationship with the executive.

Drinks will be in the RC Mills Building room 148. RC Mills is on Fisher Rd. Fisher Road between Manning Rd and Physics Rd. Manning Rd runs from the Fisher library down past the Manning building and bar, towards the Ross St entrance. The most useful map and instructions are these - to Manning Bar. On this map the RC Mills Building is the U shaped building near Manning and in front of the green square.

When you get to the building, you will see stairs going down and stairs going up. You need to go down and you will see two entrance doors. When you go in, you will see that room 148 is on the corridor towards the Manning Rd side of the building.

It's not essential, but we'd be grateful if you could RSVP by reply e-mail to before Monday 14th August. 

See you there!