The rise and rise and rise of the super-rich

Event Date: 
30 July 2015
Event Type: 
Public Forum
Event Location: 
Meeting Room, Balmain Town Hall
Event Time: 
6.30 for 7 p.m. start, free snacks, drinks available
Event Cost: 
Admission $7

Speakers Christopher Sheil & Frank Stilwell

Join us for this important discussion of inequality, this time characterised by the rise of the super-rich. Chris and Frank will introduce us to the reasons why economists and others are so concerned about this trend, and why there is a media story almost every week about growing inequality in Australia. Currently we see this playing out in the declining tax revenue and the crises afflicting many of the established democracies (such as Greece, Portugal and Spain) where the middle classes and the young face diminishing life opportunities. As mentioned in earlier emails, the talk will explain the relevance of French economist Thomas Piketty's analysis of the global situation for understanding the global trends.

Dr Christopher Sheil is a social historian, policy analyst, teacher and writer. He has served as a senior economic and social policy official under six premiers, was a monthly columnist for the Australian Financial Review from 2001 to 2003, and is the author or editor of well over 200 government and academic publications. He is a fellow in the School of Humanities and Languages in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW, and adjunct professor at Boston University where he lectures in social policy. He was elected President of the Evatt Foundation in 2006 and is currently writing a full-scale history of Australia's 1997-98 waterfront dispute.

Professor Frank Stilwell is a well-known critic of conventional economics and an advocate of alternative economic strategies which prioritise social justice and economic sustainability. He is author of eleven books, including Who Gets What: Analysing Economic Inequality in Australia (Allen and Unwin 2007) with Kirrily Jordan, and Political Economy (Oxford University Press, Australia and New Zealand, 2011). Frank taught at Sydney University for over 40 years and was twice recipient of a University Award for Excellence in Teaching. His research interests include: Australian economic policies, urban and regional development and economic inequality. 

Chris and Frank will be introduced by...
Joe Nagy a former teacher and bank credit officer who has worked in Asia and Australia. His book In Over Our Heads (Harper Collins, 1997) documented and analysed the commercial excesses of banks, their business customers, investors and governments during the 1980s and early 1990s, along with the role of accountants, advisers, the media and regulators. Joe continues to provide finance and strategy consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises.

This event is hosted by the Balmain Institute.

Direct from the Fringe Program of the 2015 ALP National Conference.

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