Shock jocks & bleeding hearts

Event Date: 
3 December 2011
Event Type: 
Public Forum
Event Location: 
Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour
Event Time: 
7 a.m to 8.15 a.m.
Event Cost: 
$50 (includes full breakfast)
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How can Labor win a war on two fronts without losing its soul?

With the shrill squeals of the conservative media appealing to the most reactionary instincts of Australians on one side, and the bleating of starry-eyed progressives unburdened by practicalities of implementation on the other, Labor must go to the next election and carve out a winning margin.

How can Labor values survive in a society where Tony Abbott is turning back the boats in the outer suburbs and Bob Brown is promising a green revolution in the inner city? And, once elected, how can a progressive local member win the politics without losing the principle?

Our panel of experts have learned some tough lessons the hard way and will talk about what the answers might just be.

  • Rebecca Huntley (moderator)

  • Verity Firth

  • Ed Husic

  • Nathan Rees

  • Geoff Gallop

This is the Evatt Foundation's event in the Fringe Festival associated with the ALP National Conference.