Evatt Journal Vol. 2, No. 2, March 2002

News & views

Debauching Ministerial responsibility

Allan Patience [read more]

Another shocking thing about September 11

Hans Engelberts [read more]

Tom Uren says let's invest in our future

Margaret McDonough-Glenn [read more]

Salting the earth: The environmental crisis of salinity in Australia

Quentin Beresford [read more]


My better nature: alone with Darwin

Peter Singer [read more]

A time for reflection: political values in the Age of Distraction

Paul Keating [read more]

Financing international development

John Langmore [read more]

Tabloid TV meets the ghost of Ern Malley: Struggle Street & the Dole Army

Christopher Sheil [read more]


War on terrorism: 13 March 2002

Evatt presents a distinguished panel of speakers.

Breakfast seminar: what's happening in the suburbs?

Featuring Mark Latham and Dr Brendan Gleeson, chaired by Professor Frank Stilwell.

Jessie Street Trust Annual Lunch

Speaker: Maha Krayem-Abdo, President of the Muslim Women's Association. [read more]

Palm Sunday March

Speakers: Tom Uren, Sister Susan Connolly, Jo Vallentine, Lydia Miller & John Robertson.

Mary Alice Evatt Exhibition

Presented by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. awarded Evatt's 2002 Mary Alice Art Prize. [read more]

Evatt social Fundraiser

Gavin Kitching will discuss his new book Seeking social justice through globalisation. [read more]