Evatt Journal Vol. 2, No. 5, July 2002

The State of the States 2002News & views

Nasty, brutish and short-sighted

Don't sob too much, says Pierre Tristam. [read more ]

Who are the idiots now?

The corporate turmoil vindicates the globalisation activists, notes Sean Gonsalves.[ read more ]

US must face harsh realities

It's a crisis born of pernicious conservatism and unadulterated greed, argues Will Hutton. [read more]

Tassie stays on top, while Queensland slips

Tasmania makes it two in a row in The State of the States 2002. [ read more]

Defining hegemony

John Harms reviews Stupid White Men [read more ]

Women's suffrage: 100 years on

Today's women must step up, argues Susan Ryan. Look again, replies Tanya Plibersek. [read more]

High stakes for working women

Anne Summers analyses the state of play on paid maternity leave. [read more]

PPPs are public fraud

False accounting disguises tax theft, charges George Monbiot. [ read more]

Another UK rail disaster: not many dead

Following Potters Bar, the New Statesman lashes privatised UK rail. [ read more]

Union chief at the press club

Greg Combet spells out the Australian trade union agenda. [read more]

Leaders wanted!

Claude Martin looks to the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development. [ read more]


Selling sex

Raelene Frances puts the workers at the centre of the story. [read more]

A nation behaving badly

Refugees present a moral problem, argues Julian Burnside. [read more]

Australia's elusive bill of rights

Robert McClelland thinks he knows the way forward. [read more]