Evatt Journal Vol. 2, No. 6, August 2002


News & views

War with Iraq?

No, argues Ron Jacobs. [read more]

The crisis of American capitalism

It's double jeopardy in the heartland, says Walden Bello. [read more]

Solidarity, rock 'n' roll style

John Densmore discusses the legendary music and philosophy of The Doors. [read more]


GATS spells danger, explains Patricia Ranald. [read more]

Privatisation can be a death sentence, warns the PSI. [read more]

Kenneth Davidson sums up PPPs. [read more]

A great read, but ...

Carmen Lawrence critiques Don Watson's Keating. [read more]

It's done

Bob Hawke and Neville Wran deliver the report on the ALP. [read more]


The life and art of Mary Alice Evatt

Mary Alice Evatt Exhibition







Bruce Childs and Amanda Lawson introduce Mary Alice Evatt 'Mas' 1898-1973. [read more]

Melissa Boyde reviews the life and work of Mary Alice Evatt (with image: Nude Woman). [read more]

'Mas': A memoir, by Rosalind Carrodus (with image: Rosalind). [read more]

Images: The Mas exhibition. [view]

Image: Woman in red. [view]

Image: Balmoral landscape. [view]

Image: Mount solitary. [view]

Image: White Hat [view]

Image: Abstract [view]

New papers

Ethics, politics & mutual obligation

Jeremy Moss [read more]

What role for Telstra?

A break-up would be against the national interest, argues Ros Eason. [read more]

Renationalise (and divest), argues John Quiggin. [read more]

ALP discussion papers

Nick Sherry's super ideas for Labor. [read more]

Union: Labor's super policy is naive. [read more]

Manufacturing matters, insists George Campbell. [read more]


Liberals smashed

Following Tasmania's first position in The state of the states 2002, the government stormed home in the State poll [read more]

Globalisation now available in reprint

Evatt's new book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press), has been reprinted copies are available from the Foundation. [read more]


Faith launched by Bill Deane

It's out: Faith: Faith Bandler, Gentle Activist, by Marilyn Lake (Allen & Unwin). [read more]

Retirement income conference put off

The retirement income conference scheduled for 14 August has been postponed.

The trouble with PPPs

The August Evatt breakfast seminar will focus on PPPs (public-private partnerships): The next great privatisation debate. [read more]

Don Dunstan seminar on unemployment

A seminar on the price of prosperity, in Sydney on 3 September.