Evatt Journal Vol. 2, No. 3, April 2002

News & views

The Blair government: two views from Britain

Jon Cruddas & John Monks [read more]

The storming of the accountants

David Boyle [read more]

Missing James Tobin

Paul Krugman [read more]

The NSW ALP's five biggest challenges

Damian O'Connor [read more]

Sydney's Palm Sunday march

John Yu, Lydia Miller, Tom Uren & Susan Connelly [read more]

New papers

No more islands:Human rights & industrial relations

Michael Kirby [read more]

'Funny you should ask for that': higher education as a market

Stuart Macintyre [read more]

What's happening in the suburbs?

Mark Latham & Brendan Gleeson [read more]

Nationalism & globalisation

Gavin Kitching [read more]