Evatt Journal Vol. 2, No. 6 (supplement), October 2002

Urgent notice

The speakers at Sunday's all-party debate on Australia's involvement in Iraq to be held at UNSW, have requested that the convenors adjourn the debate in deference to Sunday being Australia's national day of mourning for the victims of Bali. Accordingly, the debate has been cancelled. Please inform your friends.  

News & views

A message from Bali

Will our leaders get it, wonders Jonathan Freedland. [read more]

How to cure war fever

With the facts, says Simon Tisdale [read more]

Uncle oSAMa says

I want YOU to invade Iraq. [read more]

Just a distraction

Teachers reject PPPs. [read more]

Union chief meets the press

Greg Combet on Ansett, Iraq, the Cole Commission, work & family. [read more]

Eric J. Hobsbawm

The historian publishes his autobiography. [read more]


The ALP & cultural democracy

Tony Moore [read more]

The public good & public services: what role for the public sector?

David Haywood [read more]

The history & future of radical politics

Tristab Ewins talks to Eric Aarons [read more]