Evatt Journal, Vol. 2, No. 7, November 2002


News & views

The academic community says no to war, succinctly

A US-based open letter from 32,000 academics. [read more]

Too many wars in the history of 'paradise'

The bombing was merely Bali's latest horror, recalls Ilija Trojanow. [read more]

George Bush channels George Orwell

Can a president be charged with plagiarism, wonders Daniel Kutzman.[read more]

The axis of good

Lula! Judy Rebick writes. [read more]

PPPs & neo-protectionism in the UK

Tony Blair only pretends to free markets, says George Monbiot. [read more]

And death machines were rumblin' ...

Vit Wagner talks to Steve Earle about his stunning new album. [read more]

Of course they knew

John Faulkner reports on the children overboard affair.[read more]


Zero public debt & democracy in the global era

President's perspective. [read more]

Who's afraid of public debt?

Bond traders take on Costello, by Philip Baker. [read more]

Fred Argy recounts how zero public debt can erode society. [read more]

The Evatt Foundation in association with the Australian Financial Markets Association presents a seminar on public debt. [read more]

New papers

A history lesson on Iraq: the roots of revolt

Phillip Knightley [read more]

Iraq & the war on terror

Al Gore reject the Bush Doctrine [read more]

Is paid maternity leave enough?

Carmen Lawrence. [read more]

Postmodernism: in the right corner ...

Catherine Keenan. [read more]

PPPs spread to South Australia

John Spoehr. [read more]

The trouble with PPPs: an un-holy alliance

Christopher Sheil. [read more]

A Senate inquiry into the GATS?

Craig Emerson. [read more]


It never has been easy: democracy

A sample chapter from Evatt's new book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press). [read more]


Border Stories: bringing the plight of the refugees home

The personal stories and treasured possessions of 10 of the world's 35 million refugees, brought to you by the winner of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

Stop the WTO Agenda

Sydney rally today, Thursday 14 November, 12 noon, Hyde Park Fountain.

Evatt breakfast seminar: who's afraid of public debt?

Evatt breakfast seminar in Sydney next Tuesday 19 November. Dr Tony Aspromourgos (Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Sydney) and John R. Rappell (Australian Financial Markets Association), with Professor Frank Stilwell in the chair. [read more]

Walk against the war

In Sydney on 30 November. Speakers and performers include: John Pilger (journalist), John Howard (the actor), Sharan Burrow (ACTU President), Jenny Morris (singer), Dr Nabil Sulaiman (Iraqi doctor), Ms Rawan Abdul Nabi (Palestinian HSC student), Sheik El-Hilali (Islamic Council), and more ...

Thirty years later: the Whitlam government as modernist politics

Conference at Old Parliament House Canberra on 2-3 December, featuring Elizabeth Evatt, Carmen Lawrence, Evelyn Scott, John Faulkner, Race Mathews, Graham Freudenberg, Elizabeth Reid, Jocelynne A. Scutt, Julia Gillard ... and giving the keynote address, the Hon E.G. Whitlam AC QC.

What happened to investigative journalism?

Coming soon.

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