Evatt Journal, Vol. 2, No. 8, December 2002


News & views

War with Iraq

A condemnation of US policy by the historian of modern warfare, Gabriel Kolko. [read more]

Nerrissa Bradley reports on Australia's weekend of action against war. [read more]

Read Sydney's anti-war speeches by Sharan Burrow, Judy Davis, John Pilger, Kassim Abood, Pat Power & Rawan Abdul Nabi. [read more]

'War' on terror

Fran Kelly interviews Simon Crean on the ASIO deadlock. [read more]

What are we here for?

In his new book, Goodbye Babylon, Bob Ellis faces the music [read more]

Serving our heritage

Dr Tom Uren. [read more]

The ACTU turns 75

Bob Hawke salutes Australia's peak union council. [read more]


School management to be privatised in NSW [read more]

NSW teachers launch anti-privatisation push. [read more]

How to argue with an economist

Don't concede a thing, says Steve Keen. [read more]

Is this the time to be abolishing public bonds?

David Ignatius reports on the threat of international credit collapse. [read more]

Bonfire of beliefs

The firefighters have exposed Blair's contempt, says Mark Seddon. [read more]

Attestation of beliefs

Simon Crean talks to the Fabians about what he stands for. [read more]


The year in review

President Bruce Childs, presents his annual report. [read more]

Our top 10 posts in 2002, according to our readers

#1. Managing the new social risks: welfare. [read more]

#2. Patrick Troy looks into water's future: review article. [read more]

#3. The fall and rise of the global economy: finance. [read more]

#4. Social democracy & consumer capitalism. [read more]

#5. "Temper democratic: Bias Australian": 100 years of the ALP. [read more]

#6. My better nature: alone with Darwin. [read more]

#7. The boundaryless cluster: Information, communications & Ireland. [read more]

#8. What's happening in the suburbs? [read more]

#9. A history lesson on Iraq: The roots of revolt. [read more]

#10. The storming of the accountants. [read more]

New papers

The enduring significance of John Rawls

Martha Nussbaum. [read more]

Who's afraid of public debt? Papers from the Evatt breakfast seminar

Different dimensions of debt, by Frank Stilwell. [read more]

Is zero government debt desirable? by Tony Aspromourgos. [read more]

Politics & the English language

The times dictate republishing George Orwell's classic essay [read more]


Commonwealth Debt Management Review

The Evatt Foundation's submission to the Costello review of public debt policy. [read more]


How to argue with an economist

Lindy Edwards and Steve Keen debate in Sydney on 18 December.

Is truth a permanent casualty? Who killed investigative journalism?

An Evatt public lecture in Sydney on 15 February.

Walk against the war coalition

16 February 2003: Reserve this date for emergency action in case the US launches war, or Howard calls for parliamentary debate (after committing troops!).

The High Court turns 100: Centenary conference

Conference at New South Wales Parliament House on Friday 21 February 2003.

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