Evatt Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1, January 2003


News & views

The coming war

Statements by the ALP, the Greens, the Democrats, and the ACTU. [read more]

What exactly has oil got to do with it? Michael Klare explains. [read more]


Michael Doran examines bin Laden's strategy. [read more]

Dylan's Thunder

May rock 'n' roll be relevant, pleads Ron Jacobs. [read more]

Ireland loses the plot

Investing in the knowledge-based economy, by Roy Green. [read more]

The 'fabrication' of Aboriginal history

John Quiggin scrutinises Keith Windschuttle. [read more]


WA & NSW jump on the PPP bandwagon, reports David Carey. [read more]

Sydney's inaugural heterodox economists conference

It was an excellent start, reports Peter Kriesler. [read more]

The father of the NSW House retires

Ron Dyer's valedictory speech. [read more]

Looking back on 2002

How the Tampa sailed into 2002, by Robert Manne. [read more]

There's always a progressive alternative, says Frank Stilwell. [read more]


Looking to Europe

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. [read more]

Europe versus the US

Will Hutton recounts the differences in his European Lecture. [read more]

New papers

The state of political economy

in the 50th issue of JAPE, Frank Stilwell surveys the movement. [read more]

How did Australia's unions grow?

Rae Cooper & Greg Patmore look at trade union organising & labour history. [read more]

Public debt policy

Bill Mitchell challenges the Evatt Foundation's submission. [read more]


Evatt sunset seminar: the death of investigative journalism and who killed it? Featuring Phillip Knightley with Chris Masters

Is truth now a permanent casualty? As war looms, hear two of the most distinguished investigative journalists speak about this most pressing topic. The seminar is in Sydney at the Seymour Centre on Saturday 15 February. This is a special one-off event and seating is strictly limited. We recommend that you book your tickets promptly. [read more]

Walk against the war

The reserve date of Sunday 16 February for taking emergency protest action in case the US launches war, or John Howard calls for parliamentary debate (after committing troops!), has been activated. John Pilger, Laurie Brereton and Bob Browne have been confirmed as speakers. More details soon.

Stars invade Oz: Dylan, the Stones, the Boss, Jackson Browne, and many more

Can music make a difference? [read more]

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