Evatt Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2003

News & views

On the eve of war

If the security council buckles, the UN will die, predicts Tariq Ali. [read more]

We're all anti-Bushies now, suggests Immanuel Wallerstein. [read more]

Nelson Mandela thinks the US doesn't care for human beings. [read more]

Peace march was globalisation-from-below, reports Bruce Childs. [read more]

Howard's conviction sends democracy overboard, notes Ghassan Hage. [read more]

Naomi Klein discusses civil disobedience. [read more]

Powell made no case for war, explains Phyllis Bennis. [read more]

The UK-plagiarised 'intelligence' incident. [read more]

Give Tone Blair a break, pleads Linda Heard. [read more]

Let's win without war, say Emmylou Harris, Lou Reed & 64 other musos. [read more]


Water's being rapidly privatised, reports Center for Public Integrity.[read more]

Appoint an inquiry into SA's power industry, argues John Spoehr. [read more]

Shock: World Bank backs trade unions!

Official: unions lift workers & economies. Martin Lawrence reports. [read more]

Meanwhile, a beautiful gift to the earth

Uncovered: an El Dorado of orchids in the Andes. Fred Pearce reports. [read more]

The passing of the master historian

Martin Kettle appreciates the life of Christopher Hill. [read more]

The 20th anniversary of the Hawke government

You've read the press: a major study is imminent, reveals Tony Moore. [read more]


The first casualty

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. [read more]

War, lies & the fourth estate

Chris Masters investigates journalism's murder mystery. [read more]

Richard Ackland discusses Phillip Knightley and journalism. [read more]

John Pilger introduces the new edition of Philip Knightley's classic. [read more]

Phillip Knightley assesses the state of his craft. [read more]

Memo to the media, from William Greider, Gore Vidal & other US writers. [read more]


Thank you very much and good luck

Take in a wider perspective. We publish the chapter on globalisation and the media by Terry Flew & Stuart Cunningham from Evatt's book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts. [read more]

The first casualty: your essential guide

The new edition of Phillip Knightley's classic study of war correspondents is now available for purchase from the Evatt Foundation. Discount for Evatt members. [read more]


How to protest against the war

Check out the Workplace actions for peace & other plans around Sydney, regional and country NSW, plus the early advice on emergency action when war breaks out. [read more]

War without end? The US left responds

Two thousand will gather for the the 21st annual socialist scholars conference in New York this weekend.

Axis of hope forum

The axis of hope forum is hosting a talk from William Blum, author of RogueState: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, with Maree O'Halloran and former Evatt President, Tom Uren, on 24 March at the University of Technology Sydney.

Evatt-Chifley Lecture

You are invited to a lecture by Matthew Taylor, Director, Institute for Public Policy Research, on "Public participation in the political process: Combatting apathy - lessons from the UK". It's at 6pm at NSW Parliament House on 27 March.

Dark Victory

The Australian Society of Authors presents the 2003 Colin Simpson Lecture, featuring David Marr talking on "The Role of the Writer in John Howard's Australia". The event is free and upstairs at the Redfern Town Hall, 11am to 12.30 pm, 29 March. All welcome. 

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