Evatt Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3, May 2003


News & views

War & peace

It's up to us: Michael Albert interviews Noam Chomsky. [read more]

Out of the rubble, the last of Paul McGeough's exceptional Baghdad despatches. [read more]

Guantanamo Bay is a brutal double standard, explains George Monbiot. [read more]

Is there a Gulf War syndrome, asks Natasha Johnson. [read more]

Phillip Knightley reviews Paul McGeough's Manhattan to Baghdad. [read more]


Patricia Ranald warns of the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement. [read more]

Yet another PPP deal falls in a heap, reports Phil Revell. [read more]

Australia is an unhappy & unfair country

We must focus on wellbeing, not growth, argues Clive Hamilton.[read more]

Eqalitarianism is in retreat, explains Fred Argy. [read more]

And it's just getting worse

Now equal opportunity is to be thrown overboard, says Anne Summers. [read more]

Working in America

A US study has lessons for Australia, reports Roy Green. [read more]


What's next?

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. [read more]

Intellectuals, democracy and empire

The Neo-cons have only just begun, says Joseph Cirincione. [read more]

Robert Blecher traces the lines of the war's intellectual boosters. [read more]

New papers

Towards the precipice

The latest stanza in Robert Brenner's remarkable history of the postwar world economy. [read more]


Inserting a new dialectic: governance

We publish the chapter on globalisation and governance by Kevin Rudd from the Evatt Foundation's recent book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press). [read more]


The campaign begins: rally to save Medicare

Australia's first public demonstration against the Howard government's Medicare carve up will take place at noon Thursday 8 May at Chifley Square in Sydney. Update: This event has now passed and the item has been deleted

Political economy conference in Sydney

The conference is on Friday 9 May, and will be preceeded on Thursday evening 8 May by Clive Hamilton talking about his controversial new book. Update: This event has now passed and the item has been deleted

Exhibition: Mary Alice Evatt 'Mas' 1898-1973

After successful shows in Bathurst, Melbourne and Albury, the MAS exhibition is finally on its way to Sydney. [read more]

Evatt breakfast seminar: Michael Pusey talks on middle Australia & the dark side of economic reform

The Evatt Foundation proudly presents Michael Pusey talking about his hot new book in a public seminar that is just not to be missed. [read more]

Henry Reynolds debates Keith Windschuttle

The University of New South Wales Law Society is hosting a public debate between Henry Reynolds and Keith Windschuttle on 'The construction of Australian history: fact or fiction?' [read more]

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