Evatt Journal, Vol. 3, No. 4 June 2003


News & views

Coping with imperialism

Martha Nussbaum grieves for a fading vision of international community. [read more]

Norman Madarasz rescues Plato from the neo-cons, eloquently. [read more]

The new public intellectuals are out there

Tim Dunlop on 'weblogging'. [read more]

On 'fabricating' history

Stuart Macintyre on Keith Windschuttle. [read more]

Economic rationalism & privatisation

20 years on, Michael Pusey walks on the dark side. [read more]

The UK's PPPs are rotting to the core, argues Colin Crouch. [read more]

Vale Tas Bull

Rowan Cahill looks back at the wharfie leader's life. [read more]


Wanted: accountability & equality

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs.[read more]

The Commonwealth budget, health & education

Labor leader Simon Crean's budget speech in reply. [read more]

Frank Stilwell finds budget problems and trickery. [read more]

Fred Argy remembers the 'forgotten people'. [read more]

New papers

International jobs

John Langmore has a global jobs strategy. [read more]


Evatt breakfast seminar: Australia's retreat from egalitarianism

Evatt presents Frank Stilwell, Fred Argy and Hugh Stretton talking about equality in Sydney on 8 July. [read more]

Exhibition: Mary Alice Evatt 'Mas' 1898-1973

The Exhibition is finally in Sydney, where it has been opened by Justice Michael Kirby. [read more]

The 2003 Australian social policy conference

The UNSW Social Policy Research Centre presents the 2003 national conference on 9-10 July. The theme is social inclusion and the keynote speaker is Hugh Stretton. [deleted after date]

Toward a science of wellbeing

2002 Nobel economics laureate, Daniel Kahneman, will give a public lecture on wellbeing at UNSW on 14 July.[deleted after date]

The history of economic thought

The 16th conference of the History of Economic Thought Society of Australia (HETSA) will be held on 15-18 July in Melbourne at the Australian Catholic University. Keynote speaker is Neil De Marchi. [read more]

Jazz does Jericho at the Basement

A "Melting the razor wire" concert for asylum seekers in detention will be held on 20 July at Sydney's top jazz-soul-blues venue, featuring the Catholics, Vince Jones and Jackie Orszaczky. [deleted after date]

Is Europe the hope of the world?

UNSW is presenting its public Europa Lecture on 31 July, featuring former Italian centre-left Prime Minister, Giuliano Amato, speaking on "A renewed Europe for a better world". [deleted after date]

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