Evatt Journal, Vol. 3, No. 5, August 2003

News & views

How to stop America

George Monbiot wants to globalise consent. [read more]

Trade & labour: not so fast

The debate's evolving, explains John Langmore. [read more]

Understanding religious fundamentalism

Randa Abdel-Fattah & Ray Richmond take up the issues. [read more]

Australian egalitarianism in retreat

Frank Stilwell, Fred Argy & Hugh Stretton spread out across the field. [read more]

What do we do about those parties?

Stuart Hall looks at New Labour. [read more]

Doug Cameron looks at postmodern Labor. [read more]

What about the media?

Ken Parish replies to Tim Dunlop's essay on the weblogging phenomenon. [read more]

Tony Moore critiques the war on the ABC, while Evan Jones excoriates the press for its coverage of the Iraq war. [read more]

Union movement fires up

Sharan Burrow & Greg Combet address ACTU Congress 2003. [read more]

Speaking to the heart

Michael Kirby reflects on Mary Alice Evatt. [read more]


Collisions: prospective, present & past

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. [read more]

The work/life collision

We must find our own approaches to care, argues Barbara Pocock. [read more]

Work & family: background paper. [read more]

New papers

Keith Windschuttle's fabrication of Aboriginal history

Whitewash: Robert Manne introduces the major reply to Keith Windschuttle. [read more]

Shayne Breen assesses the denigration of Tasmanian Aboriginal society. [read more]

Naomi Parry rescues the reputation of an Aboriginal patriot. [read more]


Evatt Sunset Seminar: The work/life collision

Barbara Pocock discusses the issues with Tanya Plibersek, and Jeannette McHugh is in the chair. It's happening on Monday evening in Sydney 5.30pm for 6pm (1 September). [deleted]

Exhibition: Mary Alice Evatt 'Mas' 1898-1973

Make sure you catch the Mary Alice Evatt ('Mas') exhibition in Sydney. [read more]

Billy Bragg & the Blokes

Yes! The national tour starts in Sydney on 12 September and finishes in Perth on the 24 September. Get your tickets now. "There's power in a factory, power in the land ..." [deleted]

Inaugural UWS heterodox economics forum

The renowned British heterodox economist Paul Ormerod will talk on "The Evolution of Market Structure and Competition" at the inaugural University of Western Sydney heterodox economics forum at 6pm on Tuesday 23 September in 60 Phillip St, Sydney. [deleted]

Global health & foreign policy symposium

The Institute for International Health invites you to attend a Sydney symposium on 18th and 19th September. It's a collaborative initiative between the Institute for International Health, University of Sydney; the University of New South Wales, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and the Nuffield Trust, UK. [deleted]

Transforming labour: work, struggle and change

Everyone's on their way to Brisbane on 3-5 October for the 8th national labour history conference.. [deleted]

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