Evatt Journal, Vol. 3, No. 6, October 2003

News & views

Vale Jim Cairns & Edward Said

A tribute to Jim Cairns by Tom Uren. [read more]

The loss of Edward Said deprives us of a beautiful mind. [read more]

History wars

Paul Keating launches The history wars. [read more]

Stuart Macintyre straightens the record. [read more]

Carers of Australia unite!

Barbara Pocock discusses the work/life collision. [read more]

Howard lines up the big one

It's Medicare, and it's serious, explains Julia Gillard. [read more]

Refugees: is the tide turning?

Rowanne Couch reports on public opinion. [read more]

Michael Moore's big ask

The follow-up to Stupid white men is out. [read more]


America and the week that was

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs.[read more]

Saving America

Shadia Drury unpacks neoconservatism.[read more]

Trust is priceless, observes Andrew Wilkie.[read more]

The Asian century is dawning, argues Paul Keating.[read more]

Is the US on the road to fascism, asks Abbott Gleason.[read more]

New papers

Comparative international politics

Andrew Scott has some policy news for Labor. [read more]

'White Slaves' & White Australia

Raelene Frances looks through the trade in sex workers.[read more]


Evatt breakfast seminar: PPPs

Graham Larcombe and David Carey will explain PPPs, or 'public private partnerships' on Tuesday 11 November in Sydney 7.30am for 8.00am to 9.00am. [deleted]

The state of the Australian city

At Parramatta in early December will be the first academically focused national conference on urban issues in over a decade. [deleted]

Power, control and acountability

This one-day December symposium in Sydney will bring together diverse people to explore the many facets of accountability. [deleted]

Alternative economics

It's time for the second heterodox economists conference at UNSW. [deleted]

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