Evatt Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2004

News & views

Latham's stand

The full 'troops home by Christmas' speech. [read more]

Australia's foreign policy

National security has more than one-dimension, says Andrew Hewitt. [read more]

Embrace multilateralism, argues Brendan Lim. [read more]


PPPs can't meet complex needs, reports Duncan O'Leary. [read more]

Industry policy

John Spoehr analyses Mitsubishi's closure. [read more]

Labour movement

Greg Combet addresses the press club. [read more]

Ditch anti-union laws, argues Geoffrey Beckman. [read more]


John Howard's short-termism

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. [read more]

The Australia-US free trade agreement

Patricia Ranald & Louise Southalan detail the finer points. [read more]

This is not 'free trade', explains John Quiggin. [read more]

Australian TV's an endangered species, says Greg Duffy. [read more]

John Merson warns of corrupting pharmaceutical policy. [read more]

Drug prices will rise, argue Peter Drahos & his colleagues. [read more]


The state of child protection

Read the chapter on child protection from The state of the states 2003. [deleted]


Margo Kingston's not happy, and has a new book to prove it

Everyone's invited to a talk with Margo about how the Howard government is destroying freedom. Come to Gleebooks on 22 June. [deleted]

Sharan Burrow and many more in tax conference in Sydney

One-day conference in Sydney on 23 June, hosted by ACOSS & the CFMEU. [deleted]

Evatt Breakfast Seminar: welfare & labour markets

We present Professor Frank Wilkinson on Monday July 12 in Sydney. [deleted]

The impact of invasion

A public meeting on the impact of the Iraq invasion (post-June 30) in Sydney on 18 July. [deleted]

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