Evatt Journal, Vol. 4, No. 3, October 2004

The state of the states 2004

2004 State Government League Table

A press release has been issued with this year's results, embargoed until tomorrow, Monday 25 October, when the results will also be posted on the Evatt site. [deleted]

Progressive punishment?

This year's report on The state of the states has been beefed-up. Published in a quality paperback form, in addition to the annual League Table, the report features substantive analysis of state government policies in corrective services, by Mark Findlay, education, by Tony Vinson, health, by Paul Fitzgerald & Graham Larcombe, and child protection, by Stephen Rix. Read this piece based on the corrective services chapter by Mark Findlay, who argues that the present psychological prison may be counter-productive. [read more]

Check out past results

The state of the states has been published every year since 1994. How has your state performed?


Book launch: The state of the states 2004

Everyone is invited to the Sydney launch of The state of the states 2004 on Tuesday evening (6.00pm for 6.30). Evatt Foundation President Bruce Childs will be in the chair, and the speakers will be the contributors to the substantive assessments: Professor Mark Findlay (corrective services), Professor Tony Vinson (education) and Paul Fitzgerald & Graham Larcombe (health). The event is free. Light refreshments will be served. The report will be available for purchase. [deleted]

Buy a copy

Order your copy of The state of the states 2004. [read more]

Meanwhile, in the US

The US polls

The race appears tight (so did Australia's!). Following are some of the major US polling sites:

Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004

Hunter S Thompson, in Rolling Stone. [deleted]

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