Evatt Journal, Vol. 5, No. 1, February 2005

News & views

Iraq's election

Hold the hoopla, warns Juan Cole. [read more]

Pre-emptive invasions

The report on UN reform is good value, argues John Langmore. [read more]

Australia's Kyoto paradox

Yes, it starts Wednesday, and Australia's not playing, to its detriment, says John Merson. [read more]

Why consultants lie

Peter Griffiths introduces his acclaimed book on hunger and the World Bank. [read more]

The tragedy of economics

The discipline is retreating to fantasy, argues Edward Fullbrook. [read more]

Demolishing Medicare

You don't have to be a genius, says Maurie Mifsud. [read more]

Peace building in West Papua

Michela Noonan reports on the West Papua Project. [read more]


The coming conflicts

President's perspective, by Bruce Childs. [read more]

Workers in Howard's sights

Howard's isolating workers, alerts Sharan Burrow. [read more]

Doug Cameron surveys the labour movement's task. [read more]

Freedom of contract zealots are mistaken, explains Stuart Macintyre. [read more]

New papers

In defence of the Doc

Arthur Gietzelt tells the true story behind the outing of 'The Movement'. [read more]


Unhealthy partnerships

Paul Fitzgerald on PPPs, at the launch of The state of the states 2004. [read more]


Evatt breakfast seminar on climate change

As Kyoto kicks off, come to breakfast in Sydney tomorrow with Dr John Merson to discuss the Australian government's refusal to sign up.[read more]

Where's your aid going?

Sharan Burrow, Kevin Rudd, John Austin (World Bank) & Tim Anderson
debate at the LHMU auditorium on 21 February. [deleted]

Re-building Labor's credibility in the suburbs

Wayne Swan MP, Ed Husic & Evan Thornley discuss the aftermath of the
2004 poll on 22 February at parliament house. [deleted]

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