Evatt Journal, Vol. 8, No. 1, July 2008

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Evatt function: the financial crisis

Causes & consequences of the credit crunch: Steve Keen

With financial storm clouds once again rumbling around the international economy, this is a vital and timely topic of interest to everyone with an eye to the future. Dr Steve Keen is Associate Professor in the School of Economics and Finance at the University of Western Sydney and the author of the best-selling Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences (2001, Pluto Press Australia), where he laid out new ground as a critic of conventional economics. He has also been a prominent public critic and analyst of Australia's obsession with debt. This is a talk, a discussion, a buffet dinner and a friendly social occasion not to be missed. Date: 6 pm for 6.30 pm at the home of Bruce Childs & Yola Lucire on Friday 8 August. Cost: $60.

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Jessie Street & human rights

Elizabeth Evatt reflects on progress in human rights through the prism of Jessie Street.

A landscape of revolutions

Colonial Tasmania has been re-imagined by Jame's Boyce says Richard Flanagan.

Fighting inflation with interest rates

Does the government's anti-inflation policy make sense, asks Harold Levien.

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Evatt has moved: new contact details

The Evatt Foundation might have appeared to be relatively quiet lately, but behind the scenes there has been a whirl of activity. In recognition of our common interest in public research, discussion and debate, the Foundation has entered into a formal association with the University of Sydney. Meanwhile, in a physical sense, the Foundation has left the University of New South Wales to establish a new office in the Sydney Trades Hall. We also have a new website, new publications and several stimulating events in the pipeline ... details soon. In the meantime, please update your contact details.