Evatt Journal, Vol. 8, No. 3, October 2008

News & views

Neoliberalism faces its Armageddon

Perhaps not, or perhaps the fight is already over as states around the world move to take control of the global financial market. Suddenly, all the big questions are back. You can listen to two of the world's leading economic theorists, Robert Brenner and J. Bradford DeLong, discuss "Global Capitalism and its Discontents" by going to Your Call, the daily call-in show of KALW public radio in San Francisco. [listen]

The crisis of US hegemony

Walden Bello looks into the future of the Asia Pacific region. [read more]

Banks must be kept in check

Westpac's bid for St George should be rejected, argues Evan Jones. [read more]

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize

The Evatt Foundation congratulates Paul Krugman, who has kindly allowed us to publish several of his articles on our website in the past. His tribute to James Tobin reflects his own orientation. [read more]


Mentor: activist stories on film

The Evatt Foundation has joined the Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) and SEARCH Foundation to initiate an exciting new project which involves learning and making a documentary film as well as meeting and engaging with historical campaigners.

United Nations Day: Honouring Doc Evatt

The UN Day Luncheon in Parliament House Sydney will honour the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the election of Dr H V Evatt as President of the 3rd UN General Assembly. Dr Christopher Sheil, President of the Evatt Foundation, will speak on these events.

Put economic debate in its social context

We live in troubled economic times. The need for a critical analysis of the economy, in tune with labour and social justice perspectives, is something many of us feel. Sydney University has announced new courses in the study of political economy to serve that purpose.

Festival of Ideas: Dialogue on Democracy!

This is an Evatt Foundation initiative in collaboration with the University of Tasmania and supported by the Premier of Tasmania, the Hon. David Bartlett MHA. Be part of the inaugural Festival of Ideas, the first of it's kind in Tasmania!

Other info

New Publication: The State of Industrial Relations

The Evatt Foundation's new book, The State of Industrial Relations, was launched by John Robertson with John Buchanan in the atrium of the Sydney Trades Hall in September. You can read the preface, introduction and buy the book on the Evatt site.

Evatt has moved: new contact details

The Evatt Foundation has entered into a formal association with the University of Sydney and has established a new office in the Sydney Trades Hall. Please update your contact details.

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