Evatt Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4, November 2009

News, views & papers

Human rights: Australia has spoken

Frank Brennan releases the report by the Committee of the National Human Rights. [read more]

Deadly corporate behaviour

Matt Peacock discusses Killer Company: James Hardie Exposed. [read more]

The unfair go

Frank Stilwell & David Primrose pour over new data from Catalyst on inequality in Australia. [read more]

Hold the champagne

The economic crisis ain't over till it's over, cautions Jim Stanford. [read more]

The great history of democracy

Introducing John Keane. [read more]


The Big Pictures: The pharmaceutical industry & health care

The Evatt Foundation announces a new program to bring films to notice that raise public policy issues worthy of debate. After intermission, the films will be followed by a panel discussion. As a start, we are pleased to announce the screening of Generation RX, a disturbing new film on collusion between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their regulatory watchdogs in the United States. It questions whether millions of children have been effectively forced onto pharmaceutical drugs for commercial rather than scientific reasons.

The discussion panel will comprise Ron Dyer, former NSW Minister for Community Services (chair); Stephen Robertson, Director, NSW Commission for Children and Young People; Dr Yola Lucire, a leading proponent of personalised medicine; and Dr Peter Parry, a psychiatrist and academic with the Dept of Psychiatry at Flinders University. Details: Tuesday 24 November 2009, 6.30 p.m., NSW Parliament House Theatrette, entry is by donation. [read more]

Evatt Foundation Annual General Meeting

All Evatt Foundation members (only) are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting for 2009. The meeting will be convened in the President's Dining Room, NSW Parliament House 5.30 p.m. Tuesday 24 November. The President's Report for 2009 is available from the Evatt offfice. [deleted]

Other info


Our new book from Sydney University Press tells the inspiring story of Doc Evatt and the United Nations. Moving in the Open Daylight, by Ashley Hogan, was launched on the 60th anniversary of the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Order your copy of this short, sharp and unique Australian story today. [read more]


The Evatt Foundation has entered into a formal association with the University of Sydney and has established an office in the Sydney Trades Hall. Please update your contact details.


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