Evatt Journal, Vol. 10, No. 1, December 2011

News & views

Reviving the strike

Chris White reviews a new book from the US. [read more]

Inside Occupy Wall Street

This is not just a hot mess, explains Heather Gautney. [read more].

What would Evatt do?

George Williams asks what the Doc would do now. [read more]

Helping refugees & displaced people

Naomi Steer outlines the work of Australia for UNHCR.[read more]

Understanding government debt

Frank Stilwell spells out the basics.[read more]


Nuclear power & public health

Peter Karamoskos reprises the health risks in nuclear power.[read more]

Fukushima & beyond

The disaster has far reaching ramifications, explains Peter Karamoskos.[read more]

Nuclear power just doesn’t make sense for Australia

The direct costs are prohibitive, the opportunity costs even greater, says Ben McNeil [read more]


Shock jocks & bleeding hearts

Join Rebecca Huntley (moderator), Verity Firth, Ed Husic, Nathan Rees and Geoff Gallop to discuss whether the Labor Party can find a political path between right-wing populism and left-wing idealism. A part of the Fringe Program of the ALP's 2011 National Conference, don't miss this public forum in the Novotel at Darling Harbour on Saturday (3 December).$50 includes breakfast. [read more]

Conference of the Australian Society of Heterodox Economists

The 10th conference commences on Monday 5 December at Coogee [read more]

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