Evatt Journal, Vol. 11, No. 1, August 2012

News & views

Tackling tax havens

The Tax Justice Network outlines the issues [read more]

Women & the UN

Patricia Jenkins reports [read more].

The politics of fear

The full text of the 2012 H.V. Evatt Memorial Lecture by John Faulkner [read more]

Abolish the Productivity Commission

Doug Cameron on the GFC, the mining industry & more [read more]

Australia's new union chief

Dave Oliver addresses the ACTU Congress [read more]

Allied Sydney

Amanda Tattersall talks to the Evatt Foundation [read more]

Special event

The reinvention of the world

The Evatt Foundation has invited the celebrated author and essayist John Ralston Saul back to Australia to share his insights on the world we live in today. Join the Foundation for Saul’s Sydney address, entitled ’It’s broke: can we fix it?' on Sunday 26 August 2012 at 5 p.m. in the Sydney Opera House. To avoid disappointment, Evatt members and Evatt Journal readers are urged to book their seats quickly [read more]

Other events

The 2012 Wheelwright Memorial Lecture

Profesor Diane Elson looks at the GFC from a feminist perspective on 29 August [read more]

The 2012 Keith Hancock Lecture

Professor John King will make a case for pluralism on 18 September [read more]


After Words by Paul Keating

The Evatt Foundation has a strictly limited number of copies for sale of After words: the post-prime ministerial speeches by Paul Keating, gorgeously signed by the author [read more]

Other info


The Evatt Foundation is affiliated with the University of Sydney and located in the Sydney Trades Hall. Please update your contact details.[read more]


Support the ideals of the labour movement [read more