Evatt Journal, Vol. 12, No. 2, August 2013

News & views

The economy in transition

Kevin Rudd's optimistic outlook for the future of the Australian economy. [read more]

What's at stake for workers

It's a choice between conflict and co-operation, says the ACTU President, Ged Kearney. [read more].

Injustice within the law

The 1913 annual Evatt lecture by Julian Burnside [read more]

Events: Democracy: think about it!

Democracy today with an eye on tomorrow

The Whitlam Institute, Catalyst and Unions NSW are hosting an exceptional gathering of internationally renowned thinkers on the issues shaking western democracies to their foundations. Peg Birmingham, Michael Goodhardt, Martin Laughlin and Anna Yeatman feature in a free event at the Sydney Trades Hall on Monday 19 August.[read more]

The interlinked crisis of inequality, the environment and democracy

The Evatt Foundation invites members and friends to an evening with the leading British political commentator and activist Neal Lawson on Friday 23 August, This is Neal's only Sydney speaking engagement and will feature an address, discussion and dinner, and be chaired by Peter Primrose. The event is free but the seats are limited, so RSVP is essential. [read more]

The growing power of illegitimate authority

The 1913 Wheelwright lecture will be presented by the renowned international scholar and activist Susan George on Thursday 29 August. Susan will reflect on the authority held by transnational corporations and other institutions that are not democratically accountable. This is a free event presented by the Political Economy Society of the University of Sydney and will be chaired by Jessica Irvine. [read more]

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Zombie Economics: how dead ideas still walk among us, by John Quiggin, revised edition with new chapter on Australia, available from Evatt at a discount for members [read more]

The Tolpuddle martyrs: the modern edition of the classic by Herbert Vere Evatt with an introduction by Geoffrey Robertson, a perfect gift for everyone in the labour movement [read more]


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