Evatt Journal, Vol. 13, No. 1, April 2014

News & views

The challenge for Labor

The problem is larger than we like to think, says Neal Lawson. [read more]

Qantas: a suitable case for treatment

Frank Stilwell argues for real reform. [read more].


Liberty, fraternity and ... what was that other word?

Barry Jones' address to the Evatt Foundation about how equality fell off the political agenda in Australia. [read more]


Jessie Street Trust Annual Lunch - featuring Penny Wong

It's on at NSW Parliament House at noon on 11 April. [read more]

The 2014 Evatt Memorial Lecture - featuring Tanya Plibersek

Join us in Katoomba for the annual dinner and address on 12 April. [read more]

Other Info


Zombie Economics: how dead ideas still walk among us, by John Quiggin, revised edition with new chapter on Australia, available from Evatt at a discount for members. [read more]


The Evatt Foundation is affiliated with the University of Sydney and located at 128 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills. Please update your contact details. [read more]


Support the ideals of the labour movement. [read more]


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