Evatt Journal, Vol. 13, No. 4, June 2014

News & views


Australian literature: now it's becoming childish, notes Nick Dyrenfurt. [read more]

Groundhog day

NSW Liberals recycle privatisation. [read more]

Penalty rates

In the wake of the budget, another assault. [read more]

For the record

Full text of Bill Shorten's budget reply. [read more]

Feature: inequality

Inclusive capitalism 

The more inclusive the economy, the less elusive the gains, says the IMF. [read more]

Piketty v. Marx 

Russell Jacoby explains the difference, eloquently. [read more]

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Zombie Economics: how dead ideas still walk among us, by John Quiggin, revised edition with new chapter on Australia, available from Evatt at a discount for members. [read more]


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