Evatt Journal, Vol. 13, No. 5, July 2014

Public opinion

New poll

Oxfam finds that 79 per cent of Australians think the rich have too much power.  [read more]


Behind the chaste veil

What do we really know about inequality in Australia, post-Piketty? Christopher Sheil takes a close look. [read more]

Inequality: from the Evatt archives

Why bother about inequality?

Frank Stilwell outlines the general arguments. [read more]

Ned Ludd & Adam Smith

Hugh Stretton recalls the history of liberal protest. [read more]

Policy directions 

Fred Argy's agenda for restoring equal opportunity. [read more]

Social justice 

Martha Nussbaum discusses the enduring significance of John Rawls. [read more]


Barbara Pocock highlights the collision between work and life. [read more]

Riders on the storm 

John Densmore tells the remarkable story of commercial resistance by the Doors. [read more]

Other Info


Zombie Economics: how dead ideas still walk among us, by John Quiggin, revised edition with new chapter on Australia, available from Evatt at a discount for members. [read more]


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