Evatt Journal, Vol. 13, No. 6, September 2014

News & views

The unresolved crisis

What does Paul Krugman think is the biggest problem facing the world economy?  [read more]

War: we need a debate and a vote

Jenny Grounds has a couple of questions for the Labor leader  [read more]

Gender & Capital in the 21st Century

Does Thomas Piketty’s blockbuster have anything useful to say about feminism?  [read more]

Abbott's mandate

Bill Shorten outlines the government's greatest hits so far. [read more]

Budget fuels financial discomfort

More Australian are struggling, reports bank survey.  [read more]

Addressing inequality at root

Time for action, says the UK's New Economics Foundation. [read more]

The good fight

Tanya Plibersek launches Wayne Swan's memoir. [read more]

The price of inequality

Watch the Sydney Town Hall talk by Joseph Stiglitz. [read more]

New papers

Contesting inequality

Has Australia arrived at a turning-point, asks Frank Stilwell. [read more]

Battlers & billionaires

Our egalitarian ethos is under threat, warns Andrew Leigh. [read more]

Redressing inequality — 125 years ago

Christopher Sheil recalls an old war, when Australia saved the day. [read more]


2014 Wheelwright lecture: whose crisis? capital, labour & the state today

Leo Panitch will present the lecture at Sydney University tomorrow night. [read more]

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The Tolpuddle Martyrs: Injustice within the law: a new edition of a classic with an introduction by Geoffrey Robertson [read more]


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