Evatt Journal, Vol. 13, No. 7, October 2014

News & views

The crisis of our time

Mayor de Blasio goes to Manchester.  [read more]

'International competitiveness'

Dangerous neo-mercantilist nonsense, says Ken Henry. [read more]

Health spending shrinks

Smallest increase in statistical history reports the AIHW.  [read more]

The psychology of inequality

It's bad for mental health, submit Australia's psychologists. [read more]

Emma Watson: gender inequality

It's your issue too, insists the Harry Potter star. [read more]

Solidarity with Aussie Muslims

An open letter from Bill Shorten & Michelle Rowland. [read more]

Being Piketty

His data set was heard round the world. [read more]

Inequality: latest research

Company tax rorts, fiscal policy, consciousness, and the gender gap. [read more]

An appalling decision

Paul Keating's statement on superannuation. [read more]

Economic vandalism

Tony Evans raises some cuts you might not have heard about. [read more]


Iraq III: a matter of trust

Evatt editorial. [read more]

Feature: Legends of egalitarianism

The Australian legend lives

Charlie Ward comes full circle in search of his father. [read more]

The life and the work of Russel Ward

John Hirst surveys the author of the classic work on Australian egalitarianism. [read more]

Shaping the modern world

In this interview, Marcus Rediker discusses the birth of egalitarian ideas. [read more]

Masterless men

How egalitarianism was institutionalised on pirate ships, by Marcus Rediker. [read more]


Exhibition: It's time

On Whitlam & Murphy: runs until 18 October. [read more]

Memories of a struggle

Australians against arpartheid, runs until 26 October. [read more]

Inaugural Frank Walker lecture

Greg Woods on the golden era of reform, 11 November. [read more]

Annual C. E. Martin Fabian dinner

John Faulkner, on 20 November. [read more]

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The first casualty; Phillip Knightley's classic study of war, lies, lying and liars: you can't watch the war without it. Discount for Evatt members.  [read more]


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