Evatt Journal Vol. 15, No. 1, February 2016

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Innovation, you call that innovation!

Paul Krugman reviews a major new assessment. [read more]

From the Paris climate talks

Lesley Hughes reports back. [read more]

Peace, anti-nukes & Tom Uren

Reflections on the establishment of the Tom Uren Memorial Fund. [read more]

Inequality: beyond all bounds

The top 1% now own more than the rest of us combined. [read more]

President's report 2015

Annual report to the AGM [read more]


Capital & inequality

Don't miss Evatt's forum at the State Labor Conference this Sunday, 2 p.m., Sydney Town Hall [read more]

Tom Uren Memorial Fundraiser

Enjoy a feast of Iranian wedding cuisine and raise your glass to support the ongoing efforts to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons on Saturday evening 20 February [read more]

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The Evatt Foundation is affiliated with the University of Sydney. Please update your contact details. [read more]


Support the ideals of the labour movement. [read more]


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