Evatt Journal Vol 15, No. 4, August 2016

The US election

Robert L. Borage reviews Hillary & Bill

America's choice.  [read more]

The Big Dawg still can howl. [read more]

Obama's oration

The president takes a long view  [read more]

Proud to stand with her

Bernie Sanders' speech. [read more]

Chomsky on the choice

It's not just about you, Chomsky reminds the disenchanted. [read more]

It's all about fearness

David Rees cartoons Melania. [read more]

Iraq II

The Chilcot Report

Paul Keating's statement. [read more]


Targetting health

The perils of place by Stephen Duckett. [read more]

Growing unequal in ...Germany!

Europe's land of the unfair go. [read more]

The wealth of the nation

Download (free) Evatt's new report, which marshals the available evidence to show the clearest possible picture of wealth inequality among Australian households. [read more]

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