Evatt Journal Vol 15, No. 5, August 2016

Piketty special

Piketty in Australia

The French political economist, Thomas Piketty, will be speaking in Sydney on 23 October and in Melbourne on 28 October. [read more]

In this issue, we welcome the visit by presenting a selection of Piketty-related material published by Evatt in the wake of the phenomenal success of Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Piketty & his work

Piketty's political economy

Review article by Christopher Sheil. [read more]

Piketty v. Marx

Piketty points to distribution, Marx to production, explains Russell Jacoby. [read more]

The book: Capital in the Twenty-First Century

All the links to the book's reception, interviews, discussion, and everything else. [read more

Has capitalism run its course?

A conversation between David Graeber and Thomas Piketty. [read more]

Being Piketty

Politico interview. [read more]

Piketty, inequality & Australia

The Wealth of the Nation

Adopting some key parts of Piketty's analytic framework, Evatt's new report marshals the available evidence to show the clearest possible current picture of wealth inequality among Australian households. [read more]

Contesting inequality

Has Australia arrived at a turning-point, asks Frank Stilwell. [read more]

Battlers & billionaires

Australia's egalitarian ethos is endangered, warns Andrew Leigh. [read more]

Evatt & inequality elsewhere

Land of the fair go no more

Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell at The Conversation. [read more]

Wealth inequality in Australia

Frank Stilwell at Progress in Political Economy [read more]

Other news

An Australian of the wider world

Jake Lynch remembers Peter King: 1936-2016.

Other events

9th Annual Wheelwright lecture

Don't miss David Ruccio on Utopia and the Critique of Political Economy. [read more]

Should Australia adopt a universal basic income?

The Fabians are hosting a discussion. [read more]

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