Evatt Journal Vol 15, No. 6, October 2016

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Evatt's international legacy

Andrew Mack imagines a more independent foreign policy. [read more]

Splitting Image

Arthur Gietzelt re-examines Doc Evatt and the Labor split in a posthumous work. [read more]

The case for openness

Chris Bowen looks at the other side of the coin. [read more]

The Euro, globalisation & democracy

Joseph Stiglitz speaks with Richard Eskow about his new book. [read more]

Saving capitalism

Rolling Stone interviews Robert Reich, plus Paul Krugman. [read more

Inequality & health

How class & wealth affect health, by Sharon Friel. [read more]

Fran Baum on how to improve health. [read more]

De Niro on Trump

What does he really think? [read more]


The Wealth of the Nation

Evatt's new report on inequality is now available for purchase. [read more]

Read the Overview from The Wealth of the Nation. [read more]


9th Annual Wheelwright lecture

Don't miss David Ruccio on Utopia on 18 October. Free at Sydney University. [read more]

The Margaret Whitlam Annual Dinner

It's Dockside at Darling Harbour with Anne Summers on 20 October. [read more]

Thomas Piketty in Sydney & Melbourne

Hurry! The Opera House is almost sold out for 23 October [read more]

See the special Piketty issue of the Evatt Journal for all you need to know and more. [read more]

US presidential election

Want the best websites for following the polls for 8 November? [read more]

Annual C. E. Martin Memorial Dinner

Join the Fabians for dinner with Dr Anne Aly on 24 November [read more]

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