Evatt Journal Vol 15, No. 7, November 2016

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An inheritance tax on the Top 5%

Frank Stilwell discusses an inheritance tax on Weekend Sunrise. [read more]

An Australian inheritance tax?

 It makes perfect sense, says Thomas Piketty. [read more]

Evatt on Piketty's Australian visit at the Conversation:

  • Piketty challenges us to consider if we need to rein in wealth inequality, by Frank Stilwell [read more]
  • Is Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ really the most unread bestseller? by Christopher Sheil [read more]

What's with America and Hillary Clinton?

Sally Kohn, Susan Faludi, Janet Reitman and Henry Louis Gates probe the mystery. [read more]


US presidential election

Two of the best websites for following the news, the electoral college sums and the polls for 8-9 November [read more]

Naomi Klien: City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture 2016

At the Sydney Town Hall on Friday 11 November [read more]

Annual C. E. Martin Memorial Dinner

Join the Fabians for dinner with Anna Yeatman on 24 November [read more]

Evatt AGM

Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 29 November [read more]

Indigenous incarceration and community solutions

Join Bob Debus and Linda Burney at the Whitlam Institute on 7 December [read more]


The Wealth of the Nation

Evatt's new report on inequality is now available for purchase. [read more]

Read the Overview from The Wealth of the Nation. [read more]

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